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Regarding Pamplona Hostels & Pensions :

Deciding where to sleep in Pamplona can be a difficult task. There are countless places to spend a night and many are very competitive in price and location. Should you stay in an apartment, a hotel, hostel, or youth-hostel? Only you can decide this, but I have listed below a complete collection (and growing) of Pamplona hostels on the internet for those who are looking for merely an inexpensive, clean, and safe place to stay while in Pamplona. Afterall, you're not in Pamplona to SLEEP - but you do want to sleep cheap while in Pamplona!! One should consider choosing a location somewhere in or near the old city center; somewhere around Plaza del Castillo, Plaza de Toros, or Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

Running with the Bulls in Pamplona:

Please keep in mind that if you have decided to find lodging for the "Running of the Bulls" in Pamplona during the San Fermin Festival you'll need to make reservations FAR in advance - even as much as one year beforehand. Also be prepared to pay double, triple, or four times the regular hostel rates during San Fermines in Pamplona. If you do decide to run with the bulls in Pamplona, be safe, be sober, BE SMART, and HAVE FUN!

If you get "locked out" of Pamplona City for San Fermines, I've also included a collection of hostels near Pamplona (but not IN Pamplona) from which you can take public transportation to Pamplona itself.

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Pamplona "Hostales", Hostels & Pamplona Pensions

Pension Olga
University of Pamplona
Pension Payvi 2
University Medical Complex of Pamplona
Alojamientos Yamaguchi
Clínica Universitaria de Navarra
Hostal Acella
University Medical Complex of Pamplona
Hostal Arriazu
Plaza del Castillo of Pamplona
Hostal Mesón del Barro
University Medical Complex of Pamplona
University Medical Complex of Pamplona
Hostal Bearan
Old Town of Pamplona
Pension Pasadena
University Medical Complex of Pamplona
Hostal Dom Lluis
Plaza del Castillo of Pamplona
Pension Arrieta
Plaza del Toros de Pamplona
Hostal Navarra
Old Town of Pamplona
Pensión Mayte
University Medical Complex of Pamplona
Hostal Abodi
University Medical Complex of Pamplona
Pension Casa Otano
Plaza del Castillo of Pamplona

Pamplona Youth Hostels & Pamplona Guest Houses

Youth Hostel Fuerte del Príncipe
southern part of the city
only open 15 July - 1 September
¡Su Albergue Aquí! ¡Su Albergue Aquí!

Hostels & Pensions NEAR Pamplona (but not IN Pamplona)

Hostal Alaiz
Beriáin: 9km from Pamplona
Hostal Lorentxo
Olave: 12km from Pamplona
Hostal Casa Jacinto
Burlada: 4km from Pamplona
Hostería de Zubiri
Zubiri: 20km from Pamplona
Hostal Rural Huertearena
Iza: 8km from Pamplona
Hostal Don Javier
Orobia: 5min from Pamplona
Hostal Unzue
Monreal: 18km from Pamplona
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