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About Madrid Flamenco

There's almost nothing more "Spanish" than watching Flamenco in Spain, including Madrid. And seeing a flamenco show in one of Madrid's most famous "tablaos" is really special too. Flamenco is a MUST-DO when visiting Spain in general. Why? And HOW does one choose one Flamenco Tablao over another? How much does a Madrid flamenco show cost? What's included in the price of a Flamenco show? How do you know you'lll be getting a high-quality performance? Do you need to make a reservation? How can one find NON-touristic, "authentic flamenco" in Madrid? These are all very good questions. We'll answer them below.

Flamenco in Madrid

Madrid Tablao Directory

Looking to enjoy a flamenco show in Madrid during your visit? See the below directory of Madrid tablaos throughout Madrid, most of which are located in the old city center. Included are those which have websites along with a video of a typical flamenco show at their establishments.

Questions and Answers about Flamenco in Madrid

Things you never thought to ask about flamenco in Madrid and Spain. You might be surprised at some of the answers.

Madrid Tablao Directory (those with websites)

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Corral de la Morería is probably one of the nicest flamenco tablaos in Madrid - very rustic, big stage, and a good size dining space. Full accompaniment and several flamenco dancers can - and do - dance at the same time. Winner of the "World's Best Tablao Flamenco" at the Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas. Watch your head passing through the door to the street on your way out. It's a LOW BRIDGE! The location is a short walk over the "Viaducto" Bridge from the Royal Palace but there's no metro station very nearby. Bilingual website.

Telephone / Teléfono / Telefon / Téléphone +34 (91) 365 84 46, (91) 365 11 37 
Address / Dirección / Adresse / Adresse Calle Moreria, 17
Quarter / Barrio / Viertel / Quartier metro: La Latina. neighborhood: Madrid de los Austrias
Price / Precio / Preis / Prix 40-43 Euros (per person, show+drink)

"Las Tablas is a breed apart from the other flamenco shows. The inside is different too. The smaller, modern space is used for not only flamenco shows but also for art exhibits, blues and jazz concerts, and theater. One drink is included in your entry limited food items are available. All seats are close to the stage but no flash can be used when taking photos. The two female owners not only assist as wait-staff but are also the flamenco dancers. Las Tablas Madrid is a cheap flamenco show in Madrid - probably the cheapest - but finding their entrance is a bit challenging. One must go around the side from the street and up a flight of stairs, the door faces the Plaza de España."

Telephone / Teléfono / Telefon / Téléphone +34 (91) 154 20 520  
Address / Dirección / Adresse / Adresse Plaza de España, 9
Quarter / Barrio / Viertel / Quartier metro: Plaza España. neighborhood: Plaza España, Palacio
Price / Precio / Preis / Prix 27 Euros (per person, show+drink)

"Café de Chinitas is one of the best known flamenco tablaos in Madrid - and definitely one of the prettiests as well. The large interior is rustic, classic flamenco with a touch of bullfighting motif. The stage is large, the musicians are always professional, and the dancers always technically correct. Meals available. (until 1 January 2011...) The smaller, SMOKING-ALLOWED section is much closer to the stage than the deeper no smoking section."

Telephone / Teléfono / Telefon / Téléphone +34 (91) 559 51 35 , (91) 547 15 02  
Address / Dirección / Adresse / Adresse Calle Torija, 7
Quarter / Barrio / Viertel / Quartier metro: Santo Domingo. neighborhood: Senate, Opera, Palacio
Price / Precio / Preis / Prix 36 Euros (per person, show+drink)

"Quite probably, Casa Patas is the best known flamenco tablao in all of Madrid and is divided into two spaces; a roomy restaurant with a bar where you can have dinner before the show and a room that is connected to it where the tablao is located, with a capacity of 150 people seated at tables. The place is decorated in a traditional Andalusian style and hanging on the walls is a gallery of photographs of all of the artists that have been there."

Telephone / Teléfono / Telefon / Téléphone +34 (91) 369 04 96  
Address / Dirección / Adresse / Adresse Calle Cañizares, 10
Quarter / Barrio / Viertel / Quartier metro: Tirso de Molina, Anton Martin. neighborhood: Tirso de Molina
Price / Precio / Preis / Prix 31 Euros (per person, show+drink)

"Nicely located in El Madrid de los Austrias in the downstairs of the Conde de Miranda Palace, very near Madrid's Plaza Mayor. At Las Carboneras, there is a tablao with an Andalusian style, but, with a cut of modern minimalism. The decoration, simple but elegant, is based on black, white, and red. All of which can be seen throughout the room. The space is full of tables where you can have dinner while watching the show. In the back part of the room is a small bar for those who arrive a bit late and when there isn?t anywhere to sit. It is recommended to reserve a table ahead of time."

Telephone / Teléfono / Telefon / Téléphone +34 (91) 542 86 77  
Address / Dirección / Adresse / Adresse Plaza Conde de Miranda, 1
Quarter / Barrio / Viertel / Quartier metro: Opera, SOL. neighborhood: Plaza Mayor
Price / Precio / Preis / Prix 30 Euros (per person, show+drink)

"One of Madrid's most historic Flamenco Tablaos and responsible for the launch of many careers in the flamenco profession including Camaron de la Isla. Beautiful arabic interiors, making the visitor feel as if he's in Granada's Alhambra. Dinner Flamenco meals available with show."

Telephone / Teléfono / Telefon / Téléphone +34 (91) 532 33 22  
Address / Dirección / Adresse / Adresse Calle Mesonero Romanos, 11
Quarter / Barrio / Viertel / Quartier metro: Callao, Gran Via. neighborhood: Plaza Mayor
Price / Precio / Preis / Prix 41 Euros (per person, show+drink)

"Open daily. A newer Madrid flamenco tablao, opening its doors in 1996, but has quickly become well-known for authentic flamenco. Reservations are encouraged as the viewing space is small-ish. Also, the stage is rather small for musicians and dancer. Meals available with show."

Telephone / Teléfono / Telefon / Téléphone +34 (91) 369 07 57  
Address / Dirección / Adresse / Adresse Calle de Echegaray, 15
Quarter / Barrio / Viertel / Quartier metro: SOL, Sevilla. neighborhood: Huertas, Congress
Price / Precio / Preis / Prix 25 Euros (early show) or 39 (late show) (per person, show+drink)

"This sanctuary of Madrid flamenco first opened as a tablao in the spring of 1911; at that time the greats of the flamenco scene met at Villa Rosa. Famous local and foreign characters came to Villa Rosa and enjoyed beautiful and endless nights. Champagne, fino sherry, palmas, heels, flamenco dresses, bullfighting debates, guitar riffs and husky singers's voices produced wonderful nights and dawns for our frequent local visitors such as people like Lola Flores, Imperio Argentina, Miguel de Molina, Juanito Valderrama y Dominguín, or foreigners treated as if they were locals, like Ava Gardner or Hemingway. All of them loved what Villa Rosa was and meant. Dinner Flamenco meals available with show."

Telephone / Teléfono / Telefon / Téléphone +34 (91) 521 36 89  
Address / Dirección / Adresse / Adresse Plaza Santa Ana, 15
Quarter / Barrio / Viertel / Quartier metro: SOL. Neighborhood: Plaza Santa Ana/Huertas
Price / Precio / Preis / Prix Consult website

"According to MadridMan himself, the Taberna de Mister Pinkleton, while opened as a tablao in 1961, has re-opened a couple years ago under the current name. The price-quality ratio is one of the best in Madrid. The show lasts just under an hour and includes music-alone performances as well as dance-music performances. Their flamenco dancers are clearly skilled and professional. The venue is small enough so that all customers has a good view of the stage action. And the locations couldn't be more easily found, just at the bottom of the Plaza Mayor's "Arco de Cuchilleros" stairs."

Telephone / Teléfono / Telefon / Téléphone +34 (91) 364 02 63 
Address / Dirección / Adresse / Adresse Calle de Cuchilleros, 7
Quarter / Barrio / Viertel / Quartier metro: SOL-Opera. neighborhood: Plaza Mayor
Price / Precio / Preis / Prix 25 Euros (per person, show+drink)

Questions and Answers about Madrid Flamenco

WHY should you see a flamenco show in Madrid?
First, because it's so darn entertaining!!! Can you even see anything more Spanish than a flamenco show? Flamenco is generally associated with the southern region of Andalucia - most typically with Seville or Granada - but Madrid is where Spain's most talented flamenco performers go to "make it big" and become nationally known.

HOW does one choose one Flamenco Tablao over another?
It's a challenge. There are a number of tablaos and flamenco venues in Madrid with websites but there are not many places from which to choose. Below, we'll detail only those flamenco tablaos in Madrid which have a website simply because most travelers prefer to SEE something of what they're getting before paying - and it can be cost prohibitive for some. One criteria for choosing a flamenco show could be the price (see next discussion item). But money should not be the ONLY criteria. Other criteria could be the location of the flamenco tablao. Some are in Madrid's Old Downtown but othes are further out, requiring public or private transportation. Finally, the most important criteria in choosing flamenco is the quality of the flamenco musicians and flamenco dancers. It's likely that a visit to Spain could be the ONLY opportunity in some travelers' lives to see LIVE flamenco and so they are seeking the best flamenco show in Madrid possible. Who can blame them?

HOW MUCH does a Madrid flamenco show cost? And WHAT'S INCLUDED?
Flamenco shows in Madrid can be quite expensive for many people. While accepting that "expensive" is a relative term, we'll assign some guidelines. Generally speaking, the typical price for a flamenco show is about 30-35 Euros per person. I've seen flamenco shows in Spain for as little as 20 Euros but also for as much as 40 Euros. This cost is ONLY the admission price. Many tablaos have kitchen or dinner services available. But ordering a MEAL PLUS SHOW can raise the total flamenco experience price to 60-80 Euros - per person - and flamenco tablaos are not known for their high quality food. That's not to say the food is bad, no, but the "flamenco food" served is usually just of average quality and prices tend to be inflated. I generally recommend that people have their dinner before or after the flamenco shows to save some money and to vary their evening experience. Most Madrid Tablaos will offer a free first drink with your entry and it *sometimes* accompanies a free tapa like a plate of olives, crackers, or even potato chips. (an odd tapa for a flamenco tablao but common) Subsequent drinks ordered can be expensive.

Do you need to make a RESERVATION FOR FLAMENCO in Madrid?
ABSOLUTELY! Be sure to make a reservation at least 1 day in advance. You won't necessarily be able to attend a flamenco show by casually enterting a tablao at show time (walk-ins tend to get the worse seats). Be forewarned that when making reservations by phone it's not likely that the person answering will speak English so, if at all possible, make your reservation via email, through a tour company, or your hotel concierge.

HOW do you know you'll be getting a HIGH-QUALITY PERFORMANCE?
The short answer is, you won't know. Most people in the world don't know anything about flamenco dancing or flamenco music so the client is generally happy with whatever they're "served" as a performance. The better known flamenco tablaos in Madrid usually have very good performers, many of which come from Andalucia itself.

How can one find NON-touristic, "AUTHENTIC FLAMENCO" in Madrid"?
All the flamenco you'll find in Madrid is "Authentic Flamenco". The dancers, in some cases, have studied for years. In other cases they're taught by the family. But finding flamenco tablaos without tourists is a bit of an impossibility. People often write me asking where they can see REAL FLAMENCO without the tourists. The answer is simple. (POSSIBLY) In the houses of Madrid gypsies! But no non-gypsy would ever be allowed to enter that society. The gypsy society is a CLOSED society so Gypsy Family Flamenco is only for gypsies and NOT for outsiders. On rare occasions in some bars you'll find "spontaneous flamenco" performed but this only happens when A) flamenco-trained persons are in the bar and B) when the mood strikes these people. So in short, it's truly a hit-or-miss situation where it's more likely you will not see spontaneous flamenco being danced than otherwise. I've only heard stories from 2 people when they saw flamenco being danced at a bar they were visiting one night but the next night they went and there was nothing. Plus, bars in Madrid tend to always be full of people so DANCING of any kind, particularly the swirling FLAMENCO style of dancing, is nearly an impossibility. Finally, only a tiny percentage of non-gypsy women study flamenco anymore (it used to be much more common) and authentic gipsy women generally DO NOT frequent bars.

» Various Important Notes:
» flamenco shows typically start at 10pm and midnight
» many have shows every night of the week
» tips are not necessary but some coins could be left for good service
» waiters may or may not speak English
» some flamenco tablaos do not allow flash photos taken and may not allow video either
» prices are not always listed on flamenco websites