Thanks Lads, dissapointed to hear it will be difficult to get studio for 400 euro. Thanks for the advice regarding contracts.

Im moving from Ireland where you can get a studio for about 125euro per week. I thought Spain would be cheaper.

Ive seen rooms to rent in a house/appartment for between 200-300euro on Idealista so that looks like the only option for me. Do you have to to pay a deposit on top of the months rent as you do in Ireland

Im going to Madrid hopefully to find work and need somewhere cheap so my money can stretch out longer until I find something. I can probably last a month on what money Ive saved. If I dont find anything within that time Ill have to return home.

Slightly off topic - Does anyone know if you need to have proof of Accommadation(contract) when your applying for the NIE number.

Would a Hostel address be accepted when applying if I cant find a flat.

Thanks again for the help

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