Here's the scoop on Allegria...which I'm considering renaming "Tristeza" after this.

The restaurant has 7:45 and 9:00 available for Friday...I went to set 7:45 (for longer chatting) and they said that with a group of over eight we have to have a per person food order of $12.95 or more (not including drinks!)...they will only hold the reservation with a credit card number as well.

Do we still want to go with these restrictions? I need to know ASAP...since we've got an out-of-towner coming in to join us! Please e-mail me at and let me know!!! We can do "El Centro Basco" in Chino for family-style (just to get together and eat lamb...) if you'd like or Luna Negra...or do this Allegria. I just wanted to clear budgetary restrictions with all of you first!!!

Ongi etorri!