I just compleated a little inadvertent reconnaissance of our planned fiesta locale. After enjoying some of the festivities of the Long Beach Grand Prix qualifying, I strolled over to the local Hooter's establishment ( Ladie members , I chastised the manager for its sexist motiff, he apologized and kindly noted that I have made the same complaint on several occaaions prior laugh ) As I stumbled err strolled out of that decadent and repuganant watering-hole, I saw the the inviting sign for Alegria. I entered and and enjoyed an early supper. In short, the food rated well and the service even higher. The waiter suggested that we (LA Dinning Club) get reservations early in the week. The one oddity of this place was that their menu claims to serve "cucina latina", not "Comida Latina" as I would have expected. Perhaps, they will perpare a special plate of chorizo a la Italiana for a recently rediscoverd member of our merry band.