Last night at 9pm, I and some friends went to Madrid's Casa de Campo park to watch a light-show by 300 aerial drones with LED lights attached.

We were told by radio that one of the best places to watch the show was at the rowboat dock on the lake in the park. We got there 40-minutes early and were accompanied by HOARDS, thousands of others in the same place and all around the lake. So there we were, standing for 40-minutes and then the show started promptly at 9:00pm and was to last 10-minutes. We saw lights rising behind the trees, expecting them to fly over the lake - but they didn't. They stayed where they were, apparently immediately above the staging area which was the Casa de Campo parking lot, closed earlier in the day for the event.

Unfortunately, the show was forever behind the lakeside trees and we didn't see a thing. Once everyone in our area realized that they'd have to move to another location, by the time we got to a place where we could see HALF of the show, it was over.

But the worst part wasn't our poor location or missing the show, but when the 10+thousand spectators all were leaving at the same time. It was like when a concert of sporting event finishes and everyone leaves at the same time. I have to admit I was a bit nervous at times.

Saludos, MadridMan

Below, you'll see a video someone took of the event:

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