I wasn't too sure where to put this, so I've posted here -- I hope that's OK!

I'm moving to Madrid at the end of Jan / start of Feb to live. I've been planning this for a while and it seems my accommodation is under control (fingers crossed) and I'm slowly getting organized. One thing I have yet to work out is how best to setup an internet connection. I work as a freelance writer / consultant, so I need to be connected 95% of the time and I will need to be connected pretty much from the moment I arrive. With that in mind, here are my question:

1. Is it better / more reliable to get a dongle upon arrival (and is that even possible?)
2. If so, where can I purchase a dongle? (Any chance I can get one, along with a pay as you go sim card as a first step at the airport?)
3. Some of the apartments have internet as part of the package. How reliable are these connections?
4. How difficult is it to get internet setup once I have my apartment? (I'm assuming for anything and everything that requires a contract, I need and NIE?)

Sorry about introducing myself with all these questions; I will be a more constructive member once I know what on earth I'm doing, I'm sure!

Thanks in advance for your help smile


PS: Thanks so much for all the info on here MadridMan -- it's been an absolute lifesaver as I plan my move!