Hello everybody!

I'm a spanish girl, born in Madrid, living in Segovia, who's been visiting U.S. in several occasions and still feel like discovering lots of places throughout your country.

I'd love to meet you americans from all states and would volunteer to help you while visiting Madrid or Segovia as far as possible (as far as my work and other obligations would let me... I promise to make an effort!)

My hope is getting in exchange full and useful information about your country to plan my future trips, as well as getting in touch with residents similar in age or likes prior to travel, what would result in much more fun during the trip and of course in making the most of it.

Some of the places I've already visited are: Texas (Houston, Galveston, San Antonio...), Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City.

Some of my "must" that I look forward to visiting: Tahoe Lake, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Yellowstone, Alaska... and everything you can recommend me. Woods, grasslands, rivers, lakes and big open spaces in general really thrill me!

I would also exchange languages if you want, spanish for english 50%-50% of the time or so, I did that exchange in the past with two american students and was really profitable, (specially for them since being in Madrid it was far easier speaking spanish almost all the time... but I really don't care wink As I told you, at present I'm more interested in getting good information to travel than in practising my rusty english laugh

On the other hand, I'm not an expert in spanish traditional custom & folklore like bullfight or dancing sevillanas but I would exchange my recipe for gazpacho to that one who could explain to me the rules and basis of baseball and could keep me up to date on the league that is about to start, according to my informations. cloud9

I hope someone will be interested in all said/offered above and can't wait to your replies! xfingers