Hi there guys,

I'm coming to Spain around July 10..the dates are not completely firmed...I'm spending a week before that travelling through the UK.....Anyhow, my first stop will be Madrid for a few days and I was looking for a travel companion, someone to hang out with at night, stuff like that! I'm pretty independent but I think it is cool to have some people to hang with during the night hours.....My tentative itinerary is to spend a couple of days in Madrid, then travel to Lisbon and other parts of Portugal for a while and then back to Spain. If someone would like to join me, that would be really cool. Spaniard or American or wherever...someone who likes to party and have a good time...or if there are any MM get togethers around that time, I would love to know. The trip is about two months away but hey being prepared sometimes is a real good thing!

My email is


Thanks MM