Hello Everyone! I have a request for help!

My sister is coming in town for a visit in a couple of weeks and will be accompanied by her boyfriend, a well-known human rights defense lawyer in Russia.

While he is here, he is interested in meeting with any representatives of human rights organizations (NGOs/non-profits)here in Madrid. My contacts only go so far, so I am throwing out a fishing line here...

Do any of you know of anyone, especially lawyers, or organizations that deal with the issue of human rights either on the national or international level here in Spain that my sister´s boyfriend can get in touch with and possible meet with while here?

His main interest is in the area of freedom of information and advocating for government openness, but is interested in meeting with colleagues regardless of their specific interests in the human rights fields.

If you do, please send me an email or a private message.

His native language is Russian and he has a conversational level of English. However, Spanish shouldn´t be a problem as he has me as an interpreter, and also my sister who has an intermediate level of Spanish.

Thanks in advance!