Is there anyone that can help me? Maybe a German person who is living in Spain? Or a Spanish person who can help me with importing my car to Spain.

I am currently staying in Barcelona. I have a German registered 8 year old car which is parked here. Unfortunately the road tax which is payable in Germany expired a few weeks ago. So now my car has no road tax or registration and therefore no insurance! I need to resolve this situation immediately!

I used to work in Germany but not any more. To retax the car in Germany I need to have an "address" in Germany. I dont have this. I used to live at the hotel where I worked in the Black Forest. As I no longer work there the owners wont say I live there. Does anyone know anyone in Germany that could say I was "living" there whilst I renew the road tax on my car? I dont need to live there! It would only be for a week or two - once I have the tax I would probably import the car to Spain. I dont speak German and dont know how to sort this out, in Germany.

Or I could try and import my car to Spain now, but I believe that I still need a receipt to say I've paid the registration tax in Germany! Any ideas or help from anyone would be very gratefully appreciated. I am English by the way.

With best wishes,

Steve B

tel: 666 521 301