I know this is mostly a Spain message board, but some of you may travel on to Portugal as I have.

Internet access is not so easy to find as in Madrid (where there seems to be an internet café every few blocks). I'm sure I did not exhaust the search, but it took four days to find a place, the Ciber-Chiado just down the tram tracks from the Largo do Chiado near the metro entrance. It's not always open, even when the sign says it should be (it is now, com certeza!!)

Another place ( I used in smaller towns) is the post office...there is often (maybe always) a "netpost" terminal...you purchase a cartão at the counter for 1500 escudos (about 1200 pesetas) and you insert like a debit card and pay at the rate of about 15 escudos a minute...not cheap, but at least you can check Email.