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#58197 - 11/01/00 01:16 PM How to post a message (guidelines)
Antonio Offline

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As this forum is growing, there are certain rules you should try to follow if you want it to remain useful and easy to use.

Please, try to follow this guidelines to keep all the messages organised:

  • Browse the previously posted messages before posting your own just in case your question has already been answered

    I've read many posts asking over and over again the same things. As posts get old, the forum won't list them (unless you select the option "Show all topics").

    Also, there are questions that could be answered by going to the websites we recommend here. For instance, you should find nearly all the information you need about trains at the RENFE website (prices, schedules...), both in Spanish and in English.
  • Use a descriptive Subject line to help guide others to your posting

    A few samples of non-descriptive subjects are: "Help!!", "Segovia", "How old", "VAT". These subjects don't give a clue on what they are about. When someone is searching for information, he will have to read the entire message to know what it is about.

    A good subject should explain everything helping the searching process.
  • Post your messge in the forum which best describes your topic.

If you are not sure about where to post something or if it doesn't fit anywhere, post it at the General Chatter.

Another important issue is going off topic. This make the process of searching information very difficult. If you are looking for information about trains, it should be on the Transportation section, not at the Hostels one.

If there is already a thread about what you are going to post, then follow it up with your message so as to keep all the information about the subject together.




You can add smilies to express how you feel when you post a message. When writing the message, you will find them at the left ("Smilies Legend"). Just type the characters you'll find there and they'll become an smily when posted.


UBB code is a small mark-up languag, following the phylosophy of HTML. You just put an opening tag, then the text you want to have the tag applied to and finally, put the closing tag.

For instances, let's see how to post a link (many people make mistakes when they try it):

The format is:

"["URL=]Link to my favourite site[/URL]

This will appear as follows:

Link to my favourite site

Other interesting tags are:

"["b]This text is in bold[/b]
"["i]This text is in italics[/i]

This text is in bold
This text is in italics

(Note that I have added extra quoting marks between the square brackets to prevent the system from parsing the tags. Don't write them!)

[NOTE: All the information about the UBB code is here


And last, I would like to make a comment on profiles. Of course, you are free to leave blanks all the fields in your profile, but sometimes it helps to know where are you from or which are your interests.

Most people don't like to give his/her e-mail - I guess they are afraid of being spammed or harassed - but saying where are you from won't hurt you. Anyway, this is just a suggestion and of course it's up to you to follow it.

Please, follow these guidelines and help us to make Madridman's board the best one on the net.



PS: I've noticed that some of the regulars have forward people to previous posts with the answers to their questions. It shows that they know how a forum should work.

Please, I love helping people but I don't like answering over and over again the same questions.

The best tips from your favourite hostal in Madrid.
Hostal Chelo at

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The best tips from your favourite hostal in Madrid.
Hostal Chelo at

#58198 - 11/01/00 02:26 PM Re: How to post a message (guidelines)
MadridMan Offline

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Loc: Madrid, Spain (was Columbus, O...
Thank you Antonio. I feel like a proud papa. hehehe..

I too would like to see more profile information. If not the email address at least the country in which you live. And while this posting of Antonio's is extremely useful, I somehow doubt those who don't do the things Antonio suggests will even see this thread. Many times I'll have to move postings/threads to other forums because they chose the "Hostels & Other Lodgings" forum to post their shopping question simply, it seems, because it was the first forum in the list.

I will go to great efforts and will give lots of latitude because I won't have a strictly policed message board. I want this to be fun for everyone and can't blame those who aren't familiar with the best way to do things. We were all "newbies" once. I remember getting LOTS of help from others before I felt comfortable and confident to do things in the best way.

So, just do the best you can and we as administrators/moderators will do what we can to keep things easy to find and running smoothly.

I'm sure many of us roll our eyes when we see the same question posted over and over from different people (especially when the answer to their question or a like-phrased subject line is nearby) and, at the same time, am sad that this person, perfectly innocent and unknowing, isn't getting a response from anyone for days and days if at all. Let's be patient and politely guide others to "the way".

As some of you have read, I tried to outline these guidelines on the Welcome Page @ , but most people never see that and just click on "ENTER". I can't really blame them (as much I'd like to sometimes) as we're all in a hurry to get the info fast. Sometimes we don't see the answer right in front of us. OR, we want everyone to answer OUR question personally and not have to look for the answer in those OTHER postings. In today's 'Net Society we want it FAST and we want YOU to give it to US so we can go on to the next 'net thing.

Don't get us wrong. We LOVE working with the postings, answering questions when we can (or directing towards the answers), and being part of this growing, inspirational message board. This thing is quickly becoming THE BIGGEST part of the entire website and I'm quite proud of that. We all love have "A home on the 'net" where we know other's user-names, can share experiences, and actually make cyber-friends along the way. Isn't this all great? I love it!!

Have fun!!! We love having you here.

Saludos, MadridMan

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#58199 - 11/02/00 04:57 AM Re: How to post a message (guidelines)
El Boqueron Offline

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Loc: UK
I'm thinking of staying at the Hostal Lopez but I can't find any information on it. Can anyone help? I want to go in the year 2005, is it too early to book?
Also I want to go from Madrid to Barcelona but I can't decide between bus/plane/taxi/car/train/hovercraft or space shuttle, and I can't read timetables or lists of prices. Can someone tell me all the times and prices for all combinations of the above modes of transport.

Thanks in advance.

#58200 - 11/02/00 12:46 PM Re: How to post a message (guidelines)
Jen Offline

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El Boqueron-
Are you trying to irritate our pal Antonio!?
I love this board!!

#58201 - 11/03/00 05:09 AM Re: How to post a message (guidelines)
El Boqueron Offline

Registered: 06/09/00
Posts: 421
Loc: UK
In the immortal words of MM, "hehehe",


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