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#58025 - 12/19/00 09:50 PM Re: Spain vs South America
Wendy E Offline

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Latins usually say they are Spanish, meaning Spanish-speaking. We are not ashamed of our roots, we are trying to highlight what we have in common with other Latins.

#58026 - 12/19/00 10:55 PM Re: Spain vs South America
Shawn Offline
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Purely from anecdotal experiences, I have noted that many Mexican-Americans remark among themselves that a Latin who identifies himself/herself as Spanish is just a Mexican-American with money. Perhaps, as suggested by Nicole this reflects the culture stygmas that linger regarding race and ethnicity in the Latin America and the United States. Identifing oneself as Spanish helps enable one to verify their Europeanness, liberating one from the prevailing misconceptions regarding indigenous and African ancectories.

It has been opined much earlier that these prejudices are not unique to the United States, but are ubiqitous. Spanish language soap operas from Latin America( I admit to having seen them a few times ) feature casts with fair complexions and European physiognomies. Likewise, one can not overlook the beauty pagents in Latin America ( I admit to seeing quite a few ). The contestants, even from Bolivia and Guatemala, represent the fairest ( complexion that is, not necessarily their justness) portion of sociey. A short look will reveal a meter of determining beauty based upon European standards. Women worldwide deal with unrealistic displays of femininity in these cattle-calls , but Latin Americans have raised the bar even higher.

Verbose and tired in Los Angeles.

#58027 - 12/19/00 11:09 PM Re: Spain vs South America
Shawn Offline
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Loc: mentally - Spain, Physically -...

I have yet to travel to Peru, but many of my friends have fallen victim to " soroche" in Cuzco. I would recommend that you avoid the tempting good taste of Pisco, and concentrate on dramamins (sp?) as the altitude change from Columbus may have you walking like a druken sailor on rough seas without needing the alcohol to achieve this altered state. Be sure to report back on your trek.

We will be vicariously travelling with you!

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#58028 - 12/20/00 06:50 AM Re: Spain vs South America
MadridMan Offline

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Hi Shawn! That's a great tip! I'm prepared for altitude sickness ("soroche"), but didn't think Dramamin would help. I'll get some today. That's all I need is to be vomiting and feeling light headed the whole time in Cuzco, walking around Plaza de Armas with a big sign on my back that reads, "Pick my pocket, PLEASE!" (I'm wearing a neck bag)

I'm looking forward to seeing the differences between Spain and South America for myself, and the occupation of the country by Spain.

Last night I was reading through a 1995 internet journal of a guy from California who visited Peru and Machu Picchu. It talked about his 2-day altitude sickness in bed (in Cuzco)and mentioned that 5 years earlier a group of archeologists from Barcelona went to the Andes, excavated some new Incan ruins, found LOTS of golden artifacts/figurines, took them back to Spain for further study and never returned then. The guy's journal said, "Funny how history repeats itself."

Saludos, MadridMan
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#58029 - 12/20/00 08:06 AM Re: Spain vs South America
JanetP Offline
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Loc: Miami, Fl, US

I remember the first few times that would happen I would be surprised. But now I sometimes expect people to later say 'but my parents were born in...' . However, as I previously said, many of them have, a reason to feel more Spanish than Peruvian, Mexican, etc., I say this from personal encounters and experience. For example my mother is a Madrilena and my father is cuban, REALLY cuban. His family is cuban in every aspect imaginable so I agree that they should consider themselves Cuban, thats what they are. On the other hand, I know a cuban-american family where the traditions are ENTIRELY Spaniard without a conscienscious effort to be so, and the the children have only been to Spain, in this case it seems almost comical for them to consider themselves all around Cubans. But Guapetona, I think I know some of the kind of people you have met. One of my friends in highschool would call herself Spaniard when she was nicaraguan and her great-grandfather was the one who was actually Spanish. I guess it goes both ways.

#58030 - 12/20/00 12:49 PM Re: Spain vs South America
laduque Offline
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Loc: San Diego, CA, USA
I see this everyday here in San Diego. My husband (a madrileño)finds it comical and absurd. Every single time he meets someone from Mexico, when they find out he is a Spaniard, always, without fail, say that their grandfather was from Spain.
We just don't understand why it prevails, and why some have to prove this. I guess many generations and hundreds of years of history of oppression has done this.

#58031 - 12/20/00 03:29 PM Re: Spain vs South America
Jaime Offline

Registered: 08/19/00
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I absolutely agree with everything Shawn just said. In many latin american countries that have a large population of African and indigenous ancestry, racism is very prevalent. In many places a black person that becomes rich is from then on considered white. Besides the obvious stuff, what Shawn said the telenovelas from Mexico and Venezuela is true. Most has fair skin and European features. Many latinos are going to have Eurpoean features because there's a mix but the only characters with total ethnic indian or afro features are the servants. The legacy of colonialism and imperialism still lives on in modern day and unfortunately many people still buy it without knowing why.

#58032 - 12/20/00 04:17 PM Re: Spain vs South America
Nuria Offline

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Loc: NJ, USA
I think that is very sad to deny your own country saying that you are/your family is from another country. And you are right, every single hispanic I talked to had Spaniard family. Except for Argentinos, by the way, are they consider hispanics?

#58033 - 12/20/00 05:03 PM Re: Spain vs South America
Nicole Offline
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Registered: 07/24/00
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Loc: Los Angeles
Madridman, htey have lots of things you can buy in the Pharmacies in Cusco for altitude sickness. Dramamine should help. Just remember that they might make you sleepy. I don't know how sensitive you are to medication, I am an extreme, Sudafed non-drowsy knocks me out. So, I took the pills at night which meant that I was out for the evening. Just walk slowly, lay off the alcohol for the first night or two, and maybe eat lighter meals the first couple of days.

Apparently smokers are better able to handle high altitutdes because they are used to having less oxygen... Probably just an urban myth or something, though.

#58034 - 12/20/00 05:51 PM Re: Spain vs South America
Leche Offline

Registered: 10/03/00
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Loc: Boise, Idaho
It seems that many board members here have latin/spanish parents or blood and that's their connection with Spain.....they grew up with it.

Am I the only one (besides MM himself!) that does not have this connection but has just 'discovered' Spain without any familial influence?


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