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#58015 - 12/16/00 01:51 PM Re: Spain vs South America
laduque Offline
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Madridman, how totally exciting for you to travel to Peru!!I'm green with envy
I can't wait to hear the details, especially of Machu Pichu...

Anyway, what are we going to do without you for two whole weeks???

#58016 - 12/16/00 03:59 PM Re: Spain vs South America
Wendy E Offline

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I disagree with you esq. What brianvc has fallen victim to isn't pro-Castro propaganda but a hostile attitude to a powerful and successful recent immigrant group. You'll notice he specifically referred to the Cuban-American lobby as people who weren't even born in the United States. It seems that he dislikes not so much their influence but that it was obtained in such a short amount of time. Cuban Americans have accomplished quite a bit for having been here en masse for less than 50 years, and because of our success in so many fields, our politics and core beliefs are criticized by people like brianvc who would secretly prefer that we not send our own congressmen to Washington, become record company moguls or even have high-ranking Cabinent officials. esq., maybe you as a Miami Cuban don't realize the resentment we face as a successful immigrant group, but if I had a buck for every sly or direct comment that refers to my people as 'uppity', 'puhsy' or 'ungrateful', I could afford another trip to Spain.

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#58017 - 12/19/00 12:07 PM Re: Spain vs South America
esq Offline

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Wendy E, thank you for your comments y viva cuba libre!!!!!!

#58018 - 12/19/00 01:46 PM Re: Spain vs South America
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This is for Nuria and others. Many blacks have to keep up an image. For some who live in poor neighborhoods it is necessary to "act tough" in order to get respect otherwise they will be beaten up in those neighborhoods. Of course they will wear baggy pants. If they wore slates w/ loafers that would make them stand out. If you stand out or look different in anyway you might get jumped. For example you would not see a man with a three pieced suit on the beaches of IBIZA. would you? Everyone would say who the hell is this idiot. It is the same thing. One thing I have encountered in the northeast is latinos who come from South America and study here(rich kids). Some of them say they are from Spain when they are in fact from Venezuela or Mexico. why is that? does this make them more pure blooded? Another thing I am tired of is people who are critical of blacks. Our music our style our art everything. 70% of the people who now listen to rap are now from white suburban areas. Guess who is making the money? white record companies. Everyone makes fun of our ideas, but when it becomes a trend guess who hops on board? whites. Last year when I was in Rome I turned on the television and guess who was rapping on television in the videos with baggy clothes? Italians. Another thing. People are usually at the bottom of society not because they like it there but because those on top want them there (regardless of country). The top percent hoardes all of the wealth through nepotism and the minimalization of the accomplishments of "lesser groups". As for getting to know other races, I'm black and I went to Spain. In the beginning I was a little scared because I read in Fodor's that on the anniversary of Franco is the largest gathering of Neo-Nazis from all over Europe. Imagine what went through my mind. I still went to Spain and I loved It so much I went again(98&99). Don't let stereotypes and fears control you because you may find that once you get to know that person those fears end up being stupid and they may prove how ignorant you really are.

#58019 - 12/19/00 03:51 PM Re: Spain vs South America
Nuria Offline

Registered: 07/04/00
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Loc: NJ, USA
Okay MATADOR, that is something that I already knew, and that doesn't mean that I am less scared. If they dress like that is because they want to scare because they want to be respected . So if they have the right to dress scary I have the right to be scared and plus I have the right to think that they are not nice because they don't act nice, no matter if they are black, red, white, yellow or green.

#58020 - 12/19/00 03:55 PM Re: Spain vs South America
Leche Offline

Registered: 10/03/00
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Loc: Boise, Idaho
Sorry Matador but I think the majority of the aggresive types of people Nuria's talking about dress and act that way because they think it's cool and in style to be unfriendly....not for protection reasons.

And that is definitely NOT fitting in or even trying to relate to the community at large.


#58021 - 12/19/00 05:32 PM Re: Spain vs South America
JanetP Offline
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Registered: 06/15/00
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Loc: Miami, Fl, US
In response to what was earlier said by Matador, about rich kids from South American countries who say that they are from Spain, I have encountered that several times. When I sometimes say that my mother is from Spain, some people say they are also from Spain only to find out they are from Spain through three generations. However, I usually encounter this with Cubans. I could understand why some would they say this, especially when your grandparents are Spaniard and live in a country like Ecuador where the majority of the people have very little or distant Spanish heritage. Its probably what they most identify with. Those are just my thoughts...

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#58022 - 12/19/00 06:21 PM Re: Spain vs South America
Guapetona Offline

Registered: 11/22/00
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Janet P:

You are right about Latin Americans who say they are Spanish. I am a dual-national. My parents are from Sevilla but I was born here.
I always say I'm American even though I have a Spanish passport/citizenship.
Every time I meet a Latin (and it never fails) they tell me their parents are Spanish. I always just nod my head and pretend like I agree so as not to embarass them. Although when they ask where my parents are from I say the truth-which inevitably embarasses them anyway.
Why would anyone deny who they are? How wonderful to be from Latin America!

PD: Nuria - tienes toda la razon del mundo.

Felices Fiestas

#58023 - 12/19/00 07:28 PM Re: Spain vs South America
megia Offline

Registered: 06/07/00
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Loc: Sedona, Arizona
interesting what others have to say...

i have a black firend named antonio, and his family is from Paris.. they left paris because they were ashamed of the stereotype that blacks carry around europe...

his family is very clean, very conciencious, and multi-lingual... more so than than other europeans... they are colombian.

i think it is interesting how many latin americans lie about where they are from... my friend antonio is from colombia and proud of it...

many say they are "spanish." why is this? is this a status symbol...??? maybe it could be...

i'm wondering

#58024 - 12/19/00 08:14 PM Re: Spain vs South America
Nicole Offline
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I wonder if in some cases it just means, "of spanish descent" the way in English saying you are German doesn't mean a German national, but of german ancestry...

I know it is a big source of pride for those Latin americans that are of "pure" spanish/european blood, as indegenous or african origins still have a stygma today in L. and S America

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