Madrid- I stayed at hostal villar - it was pretty good close to night life- clean

Sevilla- I kept getting stuck in Sevilla with the strikes and other reasons but I stayed at Hostal Javier- hot but clean and super friendly people but honestly who is not friendly in this town-BUT my favorite hostel on my whole trip was Hostal Rio Sol by the new bus station and river- It is so clean, a.c., cheap and awesome staff. it may seem out of the way cause it is not in barrio santa cruz but it is very close

Cadiz- hostal Quo Quiz or something- my least fav. cause it seemed like a total cult/ it was like if you are not a total hippie-you suck kinda place-but cadiz is great

Sitges(outside Barcelona) another great place a hotel on Calle San Franisco- a little high about 30 euro a person - butr the rest of the town is cheap it the place has a pool!

Barcelona- lucked out and got an apartment- 90 euro for 4 people - 3 bedroom full kitchen, washer- bomb deal plus Barcelona was my favorite place.

Granada- theat palce is hot and the only cool thing I thought was the Alahambra so I saw it and left- stayed on the hill leading up to it which they all seem okay- but did i say it is hot?
Sara Mizener