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#3601 - 02/15/02 11:57 AM Madrid:Be honest! Hostal Martín or Gonzalo?
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Hi madridman!

First of all great site!
I have read all the posts about Hostal Gonzalo and Hostal Martin / Cervelo in Madrid ( I tried to book at Lopez but its full) and I can still not make a decision.

Lets be honest If u had the choice between Hostal Gonzalo and Hostal Martin which one would you choose? Isnt Gonzalo also a bit cheaper or is Hostal Martin nicer?

Just say which one YOU would pick....

Oh and one more it still noisy on the street even in February or more quiet so that I don't have to get a room into te courtyard and not the street?

Thanks a lot


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#3602 - 02/15/02 11:11 PM Re: Madrid:Be honest! Hostal Martín or Gonzalo?
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Hi rusty2k! Welcome to the Spain-Loving group!

Sorry to hear you couldn't get into Hostal López . Seems to be a common problem these days. frown That is to say, it's a problem for travelers, but it's GREAT for the owners!

Okay. If *I* had to choose between Hostal Gonzalo (which does not take reservations via email, by the way) & Hostal Martín , I'd choose Hostal Martín even though I've never seen it for myself and I'll tell you why in a moment.

In October 2000, while making my rounds, visiting more of Madrid's hostels (those with websites), I visited Hostal Gonzalo and took notes in my journal. Here's what I wrote:
Spoke with la dueña de la casa (the female owner of the hostel) - does NOT speak English, but her son, Javier, does (but I didn't meet him).Very very nice entry & salon, & bigger, brighter bedrooms, double than I've seen in other hostels. I watched the cleaning lady cleaning the room while I waited.... (for Javier, but he never arrived, but I did take some photos and video of the place).
I remember the woman-of-the-house being a bit "gruff" but got much nicer when I told her who I was rolleyes and why I was there.

I've never seen Hostal Martín, but they (and Hostal Cervelo ) and Hostal López were THE FIRST hostels in Madrid to have websites on the internet. Since the beginning, I've really ONLY heard wonderful things about them -- I mean, I've received and read dozens and dozens of emails/postings of positive feedback about them.

Both places are located in Huertas: MadridMan's PREFERRED area of Madrid in which to stay if I'm not staying with my ladyfriend across town as was the case in October 2000 (well, I WAS staying there, but wanted to test a number of the hostels for myself so I did!).

As for their prices, check their website. As for their "niceness", since I haven't seen Hostal Martín for myself I really can't say, but would be willing to bet they're very similar. I EXPECT to visit Hostal Martín, Cervelo, and about 10 others during my time in Madrid around Semana Santa (next month!).

Re: Noise. I'd say they're both similar in noise level. But in February, you won't have SO MUCH street/pedestrian noise in either. You COULD get yourself an interior/patio/airshaft room, but I've heard there's always the possibility of having noise from neighbor's radios/TVs/dishes-clattering/whatever. I'd say get yourself that streetside room with the mini-balcony and ask for a room as high UP and away from the reception/entry as possible to give yourself more solitude. (you might want to read the "ear plugs" thread in the PACKING forum if you're a light sleeper)

So that's my story and I'm stickin' to it! wink

Good luck and enjoy your time in Madrid and throughout Spain!

Saludos, MadridMan

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#3603 - 02/25/02 01:03 PM Re: Madrid:Be honest! Hostal Martín or Gonzalo?
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Loc: Bournemouth
Hi Madridman!

Right here is my report of my impressions:

I went to Madrid form 22nd till 25th of February and I have to say Madrid is one of the best cities I've ever been too because there is just something for everyone, go into any street and you will most certainly find an old beautiful building with style. The people are laid back and friendly and its all reasonably cheap (compared to UK). There is so much arts to see. It was great!"

As for Hostal Martin ...the rooms were clean and comfortable and me and my gf had a double bed room looking into the interior, although I had requested one looking onto the street. But that didn't matter because the street was actually quite loud so it was more quiet in the interior room. ANd yes I had the same problem as everyone...the waalls seem to be really thin so you could hear a pair getting it on quite loud next door and at night a man snoring so loud that I had to knock on the walls to make it stop (It didn't help though). So yeah it can be really loud. There were also some workers doing refurbishment or something like that in the basement but luckily they stopped hammering at about 9pm....probably because it was dinner time anyway.
Other than that the location was so close to everything...I didnt use the metro once as everything is in walking distance. even on the day of my departure I walked from the Hostal in Calle de Atocha to Plaza Colon. You see so much more when you walk through the streets.
So all in all it was a good hostal although it was a bit loud. Another negative factor might have been that compared to Hostal Gonzalo (which is also highly recommended here and was actually my second choice) it is more expensive (more than 42 Euros per night). The people in the Hostal were really friendly though and spoke some english which was quite helpful. The security was also really good.

Thats my story


PS: The cup of chocolates at La Suiza at Plaza Santa Ana is one of the best I've ever had! Secret Tip!

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