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#175 - 01/13/02 05:33 PM Re: paradores
JJP Offline

Registered: 11/29/01
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I know this post should probably go in the "Food" section, but thought it would be a nice addition to this post.

For those with access to the NY Times, pick up today's (Sunday, January 13th, 2002) edition. There is an excellent article on the parador-food, "Epicure's Tour of Spain."

Or, just click here (hopefully, this link continues to exist - I think some become void), and enjoy it while the link lasts...

smile - have a nice Sunday.


#176 - 01/13/02 07:50 PM Re: paradores
taravb Offline
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Thanks for that link!! Yum!!

I've been dreaming of a parador trip with my parents, who have never been to Spain. I think the network of paradores might be just the right introduction for Mom and Dad. I'm thinking about a two- or three-week trip along a route beginning in Madrid, then Avila and Segovia, then heading northwest to Valladolid and the surrounding area, then down through Salamanca to Merida/Caceres, then Toledo, then back to Madrid. I would love parador suggestions along this route if anyone has favorites!

Tara smile

#177 - 01/13/02 09:01 PM Re: paradores
JJP Offline

Registered: 11/29/01
Posts: 208
Loc: ca.eeuu
Tara, my pleasure on the link!

As for actual experience in a parador ... well, only know that it's top on my list the next time I visit Spain. I defer to the always knowledgeable group we have here in our coummunity!


#178 - 01/14/02 05:03 PM Re: paradores
esperanza Offline
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A few of my favorite paradores (where I have actually stayed) are the one in Toledo (overlooking the city...breathtaking!) and the parador in Zamora...which is mentioned in the Penelope Casas article in the Times. THe town of Zamora is also a treat...often overlooked, yet a lovely little town to explore. THe San Marcos in Leon was turned into a parador...that is an amazing place! We have stayed in many pardores over the years. It is always a treat. My daughters loved staying in castles this past summer when we were in Spain. IT is an experience you cannot miss if you travel through Spain.

#179 - 01/14/02 06:02 PM Re: paradores
Jo-Anne Offline
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I don't suppose there is a way of getting a room at a Parador for only one night, in the height of summer, at any kind of offer price? rolleyes rolleyes

I have looked at the website and read through the special offers, but these all seem to be for 'young' people and 'older' people, and several consecutive nights etc.

I just had this notion that it would be great to spend our 10 days in Madrid/Cordoba in hostals and then splurge out and have the Parador experience for one night (maybe after Cordoba, before returning to Madrid).

Just a thought, but it's probably going to be too expensive (seem to be 17,500 +IVA on average - woops, sorry, not sorted myself out with Euros yet).


#180 - 01/16/02 11:31 AM Re: paradores
ome Offline
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Registered: 01/16/02
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Loc: seville, spain
Hi, Tara

Just some advice, I stayed at the Parador de Caceres in September and was very dissapointed with the room. It did not uphold the standards that a $110/night hotel with such hype makes you expect. Also, the air conditioning was basically nonexistent, we had to get a fan, since it was sweltering hot that weekend. Also, the bathroom was straight out of the late 70´s.

Funny thing is, as a fellow hotelier I was supposed to get a nice room... They did give me a discount when I complained again at check out, but they made me feel like I was begging. The parador in itself is beautiful, and I thoroughly recommend their restaurant, outstanding food and superb ambiance, in the courtyard of the little 13th. century palace.

Some friends of mine have stayed in the nearby Hotel Meliá Cáceres and swear by it, also an old palace remodelled, and their rates are cheaper. Although the Melias are for the most part modern business hotels, they are starting to expand to older, classier places to compete in cities that have been for years "Parador strongholds". Check out also the brand new Meliá Trujillo boutique hotel.

I hope you and your parents have a beautiful stay in Spain!

#181 - 06/18/02 02:32 PM Re: paradores
connieb Offline
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Registered: 04/18/02
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Loc: NJ
Parador de Mérida - we stayed for one night at the youth rate (only one person needs to be the right age to qualify) of about 75 euros/night including a wonderful buffet breakfast that includes many hot foods like eggs, sausages, bacon, and pastries like churros, croissants, etc. Our room was huge, including a sitting area and a balcony overlooking the "Garden of Antiquities", a garden/pool area with a display of Roman ruins found on site or nearby. Mérida is a one-stop, compact way of seeing a full range of Roman ruins: a still-used theater, an ampitheater, a circus, a villa with floor mosaics and wall decorations, and of course, a Temple of Diana. All are within easy reach of the Parador, where if you are lucky, like us, you can park in front without charge. The best thing about the youth rate is that multiple day stays are not required. smile We ate dinner at Briz, which looks like unfriendly bar from the front, but has a nicely decorated dining room in back and a well priced menu del dia. When we asked the waiter about Bolleta (a local acorn liquor), he brought out 3 other kinds of liquor (de la casa) for us to sample! No doubt, this was one of the best stays we had our entire trip.

#182 - 06/20/02 05:47 AM Re: paradores
Tulensrma Offline
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Loc: Helsinki, Finland
Has anyone been to Parador de Tortosa ?

I am meeting my fiancée in Barcelona in early July and we will be spending 5 days together and are currently pondering whether to stay at this parador or to rent an apartment in a small Costa Brava village. The price difference per night would be something like 30-40 euros.

We have already visited Barcelona and the Costa Brava twice this year so a parador would be something new for us.

Suggestions, comments anyone? Especially I would like to know if someone has visited this particular parador and been either disappointed or surprised because it was so great. wink



#183 - 06/21/02 12:16 AM Re: paradores
nevado Offline

Registered: 06/11/00
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I sent my parents and my aunts and uncles to the Parador in Tortosa after my wedding at the parador in Alarcon. They said it didn't live up to Alarcon but was still very nice. They enjoyed their stay there and weren't disappointed.

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