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Welcome to MadridMan's ALL Spain Market!

MadridMan's ALL Spain Market
Opened On February 1, 2000

CLICK HERE for cheese, sausage, olives, and OTHER goodies from Spain at !
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Click for Spain Books!
Ahhh... Books about Spain. Don't you just love them? Whether it's a travel book about one of Spain's great cities, a classic Hemingway, or a non-fictional account of society in Spain, have a cup of coffee and browse through MadridMan's handpicked favorites, many of which he owns himself.   Enjoy!!
Click for Spain Music!
These sounds and songs of Spain will surely stir your soul and bring back vivid memories of time spent in an outdoor café (terraza), flamenco bar, or a sun-drenched afternoon stroll through one of Spain's beautiful public parks.
Click for Spain Videos!
SEE where you're going or where you've been through this extensive selection of travel videos of Spain and her cities. OR, sit back and watch an award winning Pedro Almodovar movie IN SPANISH! Either way, you'll surely have vivid dreams of España when your head hits the pillow.

Do you shop, but don't want Spain-stuff?
Please use the search box at left and on all pages for your next purchase to help support MadridMan's Yankee Home Page. Thank you!

Comment: Some of the items listed within are reviewed by MadridMan himself and are part of his extensive Spain-related media collections.

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