yes Jazz, that is a lesson learned.

I remember when col Calero try the coup d'état in 1981 and the King held its ground, I was in Club España at Newark New Jersey, ready to start an international brigade that we call Federico Garcia Lorca to come and help if needed. Gladly was not needed

The King came in big, "The only way you will change this constitution or democracy is over my dead body" He told the generals in the barracks and they stay there except one in Valencia but was not enough.

Afterward, one I met in my resistance Santiago Carrillo ,Sec Gen of the Spanish Comunist Party ,said in the Cortés. "MAY GOD SAVE THE KING, LONG LIVE THE KING" coming from this guy it was a huge moment, then I knew Spanish democracy was to hold.

And it still today ,thanks to this Bourbon, fifth in line to the throne of France as well. And one other Bourbon, Alfonso, Duke of Cadiz is also duke d'anjou and duke de Burgundy, and heir to the throne of France as Louis XX ::)