lots of talk all over and here why not too. Please no politics.

As an older statement in this group, I tend to say that I lived the previous dictatorship and backward economics of Spain live on site.
The coming of the King Juan Carlos I (cousin of Queen Elizabeth II of UK, nephew of emperor Frederick of Germany, great great grand son of Queen Victoria of UK, and fifth in line to the throne of France as a Bourbon) was the best that ever happened to a disunited troublesome Spain in those days. The King save Spain, the democracy and freedom of all regions.

Now he has decided to abdicate, its time, 39 years + is a lot, frail health and a family not to supportive of his ideals; that he was a bit womanizer well he is a man too,and that is private discussions. The son Felipe Prince of Asturias (because only kingdom not fallen to berbers moors remaining Catholic under the virgen of Covadonga of Asturias and Spain) has been train groom for the job, he is prepare and aware of the difficult times (althought better unemployment again improve in May by 200K posts), he will do well.

He is Felipe VI because the last Felipe was V, great great and many grandson of king Louis XIV of France bourbon,and the V was born in Versailles at the palace baptised in my old district church Notre Dame. And the V built La Granja near Segovia a miniature Versailles to remind him of his lovely birthplace.

I fought on the streets of Madrid and messages to Bilbao,Valencia, Barcelona ,and Granada as a young boy to help this democracy. LET'S KEEP IT AS IS;IT WORKS.

Cheers and long live the King,and Spain all of it.

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