Who's up for a 4th of July "Party with MadridMan" in Madrid? partypair

WHEN: As mentioned, on the 4th of July! Yeah, that's the United States' Independence Day. It's also a WEDNESDAY!

WHAT TIME: 8pm sound good to everyone?

WHERE: Good question. Suggestions? I'll have to vote for MadridMan's favorite, another stop at our tried-and-true, back-terraza meeting place of the bar El Brillante on the Glorieta de Atocha, directly below the Hotel Mediodia. There, they seem to be able to accommodate larger groups, pushing tables together.

I'll edit this Original Posting later to reflect the final time and place.

cheers It's been two years since our last formal outing (but many smaller, informal ones) and I'm looking forward to seeing you summertime visitors from the USA as well as our good friends from all over the world whom live in Madrid.

Hope to see some of you there! It's always fun getting together with friends, message board members, visitors, and exchanging ideas, experiences, and, OF COURSE(!), making new friends and re-kindling old ones. smile

Saludos, MadridMan wavey

Here are a couple photos (by member steve robinson) from that 2010 outing at El Brillante:

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