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It's very common for individuals to live alone in their flats, yes - for those whom can afford it, that is. In addition to www.Idealista.com (my favorite) and www.loquo.com , also look in www.Segundamano.es . A quick glance at the flats for rent (by owner) in Loquo.com showed only one flat for rent at 450€ - but most all were 550€ and higher. And, as you saw, even ROOMS in shared flats are going for 500€ and up.

I think most will agree that finding a long term rental, even for a 1 bedroom studio, for no more than 400 Euros will be difficult at best within the city of Madrid. You'd have more luck further out in the nearby villages like Alcobendas or Pinto or Alcalá de Henares - which would require a long(er) commute into the city, of course.

I think message board member "S.R." might have some comments on this topic as he is a former renter in Madrid and also has firsthand experience with flat-searches.

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