If you live in Madrid and are like me, you've accumulated a number of English language books which you aren't likely to read again and DVDs you've watched once, maybe twice and that's it.

The Book & DVD Swap wouldn't have to be on a specific date but let's use this thread to arrange the swaps or give-aways. Plus, it could give us a reason/excuse to get together with our fellow message board members.

Not only do I have dozens of English-language books I've brought from the USA (fiction, mostly) and those I've bought at Madrid's J&Js English-language bookshop, but I've also accumulated a load of Original Version DVDs I've either bought here or gotten free with a newspaper purchase. Some are Hollywood productions, others Spanish, some international, but all are original version with Spanish subtitles & Spanish dubbing available and are PAL (European video coding for European DVD players).

Someday soon I'll list by title the books and DVDs I'd like to swap/give-away.

I'm finding that over the years my storage space is rapidly shrinking, in great part due to these space-taking things like books, DVDs, clothing and other "junk". Time to clean house!

Saludos, MadridMan
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