Hi Steve!

Yes, the woman at Messon de la Guitarra was Spanish as was her complaint. I held my own where the language was concerned. I was very proud of myself. I was speaking half English half Spanish. My new friends were to.

I would recomend that bar to any one. The chorizo is great and the wine is cheap/inexpensive.

Thanks again for the tip on La Tosta. We went twice.

Quick story on La Tosta
While Nancy was off looking for the passports, I opened my wallet to pay the tab. I noticed the recipt for Cafe del Principe, so I told the bar man what my delima was and asked if he could phone them for me to ask if they were there. He handed my his mobile for me to call. I couldn't figure out his phone and gave up. The gentelman sitting next to me overheard my story and offered to call. They were not there. That's when I REALLY got nervous and figured Nancy wouldn't find them.

The lady's that found them told her that the protocol is to NOT turn them into the bar but to give it to the police. Had Nancy not come back, thats what they would have done.

What a releif.

Until next time M8