Hi everyone!!!!
yesh, Im new. Right! introductions: half spanish half scottish, been for the past 4 years in Scotland and recently returned to my home land, madrid. Now,since Im back I want to meet new friendlychilledoutfunnyout-going ..UF!!! people (sorry, I know the list is long!) rolleyes
IM VERY BORED!!!! lol, I know it sounds pathetic to say it, but it is true!!! lol, since I have been back I have been in the same places with the same school friends every WEEKEND!!!! zzzzzzzzzz :o it is killing me...!!! mad (Im not in school anymore by the way)
Please.... suggestions, people, write to me, Im not a psyco by the way, quite balanced LOL hahaha..yeah and very sad for laughing at my own jokes!!! laugh laugh laugh
Ok, well Ill be waiting for replies..Im already waiting...im just staying in front of the PC ..staring and not moving till I get a reply...Hurry up!!!...lol

Besitoooossssss ole ole and eleeii cool