For Sale: The following computer package 250 € (Madrid based)

- Pentium 133
32 Megs RAM
3 gigas hard drive
CD Rom
3.5” floppy drive
modem (internal) 56 Kb
sound card
video card super VGA
Operating System: MS Windows 98
Software: Microsoft Office 97 (Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, Powerpoint), Acrobat Reader, MS Explorer, Outlook Express, Various other programs

-keyboard (European)
-color monitor 15”

Desktop scanner: 600x300 dpi

HP Technology Ink jet printer (black & white)

Other goodies included: Windows 98 CD, Office 97 CD, book- Office 97 for Dummies (in English)

This was my PC up until a month ago when my hubby bought me a laptop. I used it for a variety of tasks including voice chat. It is fully functional and is a great computer for basic home office the net, etc. All Windows software commands are in Spanish.

If interested, please email me at