smile If you're in Southern California on Labor Day weekend, you may want to stop by the Chino Basque Club's annual picnic. It's our biggest event every year, and I personally guarantee that you will NOT go home hungry or unenthused about Basque culture.

The program includes (all day in a few different venues): Pilota [handball], Basque Mass, music, dancing by the dance groups [and later by those in attendance], and food glorious food.

Check the NABO website for some additional information at Chino Basque Club There's a map on the site, but the picnic is held just to the north [about a ½ mile] of the clubhouse at the corner of Central and Edison [the clubhouse is way too small...this is a well-attended event!].

The big lamb lunch on Sunday is the best!!! Nicole and laduque and others here in'd better be there!!!

If you want additional information, e-mail me and I'll call you or e-mail you back, whichever you'd like.
Ongi etorri!