Thanks SO much for your review(s), robbieroy! They're MUCH appreciated.

You wrote:
A colleague had room 21 on those two nights and reported a lot of noise from the hostal door opening and closing, so much so that he asked to move rooms (hence I got his room!).
That's why with "hostales" I ALWAYS request a room as FAR AWAY FROM THE RECEPTION AREA AND FRONT DOOR AS POSSIBLE. No matter the "hostal", people are always coming and going at all hours of the day and night that it can be bothersome. Also, the reception-desk phone rings, people standing around chatting/laughing, door slamming, buzzers buzzing, etcetera can be a bit much for that first or second room just off the entrance/reception area. Sometimes you only get what you get and can't request a particular room - this is usually the case in your reservation request to any "hostal" - but once you arrive, if you arrive early enough, you can CHOOSE your room.

Thanks again! Saludos, MadridMan
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