No...I didn't find any of the bars...there was a disco down the street, but I didn't go. There was a large red light outside of it (no joke here)...about 20 yards or so from the Hotel Inglés, across the street from Bianco. As to the bars, they were on the side streets off of Echegaray and I frequented others that I already knew.

Many of the places on Echegaray were being restored and that might explain the closed bars. I will say that for a street that didn't have all that much, there was a considerable amount of foot traffic...and taxis. Where they were going, I never found out. And surprisingly...for a Spanish street, not too loud...but remember...I'm saying for a Spanish street...not another country's.

Enjoy...the people are nice...friendly...and helpful...and as I said, all I'm looking for is a clean place with A/C, private bath and TV...and of course, a good price. They met the criteria and more.