hey granada girl! I live in Atlanta, but sadly won't be in town when you are there on the 24th. And, even sadder to say, there aren't any good Spanish restaurants in Atlanta. There are a few "tapas" style places that also have Paella that are good. My two favorites are "Eclipse de luna" on Miami Circle in Buckhead and "Loca Luna" on Juniper Street in Midtown. Loca Luna is more fun that Eclipse de luna, but the latter is much more sophisticated. Either way, both are good... though not authentic.
Have a great trip to Atlanta & let me know if you have any more questions about things to do while you're there. And, I'll be sure to email you with questions about my trip! I'm going to Sevilla this summer (in 26 days!!!!) and will be there for six weeks. I've been to Spain before, but never got out of the Madrid/ Salamanca area so the south will be new for me. I definitely plan to get to Granada for a weekend or two. Also, I fly into Malaga on a Thursday but don't have to be in Sevilla until Sunday & I'm looking for someplace to go in the meantime. I was thinking about going to Marbella for a few days then to Jerez or maybe Puerto Banus? Let me know if you have any suggestions! Thanks and have fun in ATL. Take care, Lindsay