Nic -

I'm fairly close - just a bit North, but would be willing to take a drive to share a rioja or sangria! Maybe we can meet in the middle. There is a Spanish Restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale on Oakland Park Blvd. - Cafe Seville. The problem with this is they are open for lunch Tues -Fri, and for dinner Mon-Sat. That means our onl option is dinner on Sat, and I already have plans frown I haven't eaten there, nor have a I spoken with anyone who has.

I know it may be a little out of the way for you, but we have (2) in Boca Raton. There is Meson Madrid , which I have heard is very good. There is also Tapas Espana Restaurant (no web page), which I have also heard is good, but on the expensive side.

Let me know what your weekend looks like!

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