The first DC Dinner Group was a lot of fun! There were a total of 5 of us in attendance:

- Myself
- Mrs. rkennedy17
- mclarke
- jmcarr
- a friend of mine from High School who is a fellow Spain-lover

Anyhow, dinner was great -- we had a number of different tapas, including croquetas, tortilla espanola, pan con tomate y queso manchego, setas al ajillo, pimientos rellenos, conejo, esparragos, embutidos variados (all of those wonderful cured meats...), and a few others that I've forgotten! We washed it down with some sangria and chatted for a few hours about all things Spain -- it was a lot of fun! The only regret was that nobody remembered to bring a camera.

Next time, hopefully we can get a larger crowd involved and perhaps even make this a semi-regular event?

mclarke & jmcarr: It was a pleasure to meet you & I'm sure we'll cross paths again!