I am not familiar with the "typical" or "traditional" silver necklaces that your daughters are interested in. However, some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry that I have seen here (and used to decorate other things as well) is the gold which is inlaid in black slate....it is typical to Toledo. I know it has a special name, just can´t think of it (and my husband, who doesn´t wear jewelry is no help! wink )

As far as where to buy it (without going to Toledo), most of the tourist trap shops around the Plaza Mayor in Madrid carry it, as does the Corte Inglés (major Spanish dept. store www.elcorteingles.es ). The Corte Inglés has an entire section on Turismo which features all things Spanish, including "typical" handicrafts and jewelry. If you enjoyed your vacation so much that you didn´t have a chance to go shopping for gifts, the Corte Inglés is the best place to go at the last minute!

Good luck!

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