Here's some current information from the owner of the Hostal Adriano, Alberto DiStefano. He emailed me last week, and I am sharing his comments about the expansion and current construction. When someone is this honest with a pen pal, you can tell that the owner is seriously concerned about his reputation, his business, the comforts and the impressions of his guests. I have absolutely no qualms about staying here. laugh

"[Presently] with only 11 rooms, we cannot accomodate all the people we would like to!
The renovation works are running too slowly... We are having lots of quarrels with the construction company. They were supposed to finish all our new rooms now, in February, or in early March. But that won't be possible... We hope they can finish by the end of March. And the renovation works of the building (entrance, stairs, elevator) are also running slowly. It is the same company! So I hope you do not panic when you arrive... because all the entrance of the building looks terrible. Remember that within our hostal, you will find a nice room."