Right everyone, here is the latest update! laugh

Jes and I spent some time last night working out a script to use when we rang Hotel Albucasis and put it into practice this morning. We had also worked out what responses we might have expected so that we wouldn't be caught off guard.

So, with some trepidation (would we have to revert to English and somehow feel cheated out of achieving this first time Spanish language phone call rolleyes ?) we picked up the phone this morning and did it.

Jes did all the talking, and I did all the paper-passing, pointing, pen weilding. However, it all went extremely smoothly. The lady he spoke to seemed very nice, and told us that the 72 Euros quoted was correct and that the Tourespana rates weren't (probably because they are last years rates and also as MM pointed out to me, they may have reasons to have changed the boundaries of their high and low seasons depending upon last years business).

So, we are now happily awaiting our fax confirmation (should have heard Jes reeling off credit card no and fax no - impressive! I will look upon him with renewed wonderment now!)

MM asked me about the chances of the staff speaking English. This I do not know, because we didn't give them a chance!

We have still heard zero from Hotel Maestre which seems really bizarre, especially as they had had a personal request from Jennifer to check the dates and get in touch with us.

Another message board member very kindly sent me some information on Hotel Selu where they had happily stayed last year and also recommending checking out Spain-hotels web site which is a booking agent. They have an incredible deal on the 4* Hotel El Conquistador - less that 50% of the advertised cost (and actually works not much more than Hotel Albucasis and includes breakfast!!).

There is so much now in this thread about Hotel Albucasis that I think MM needs to add it to the subject line! wink wink laugh cool

All for now.

A happy Jo