Jo-Anne, can I assume the information about Hotel Albucasis on the reviews is correct in that their phone/fax number is still 957-478-625?

Do me a favor: Give me the exact URL where you found the rates on the Tourespana site and I'll give the hotel a call on Sunday about the rate difference. (now let's not have EVERYONE else asking me to do the same, okay? Thanks. I have a good long-distance rate plan to Spain) Also, did you want a "cama matrimonia"? Did you want breakfast? (it's extra)

Why not send me an email with this information including your wanted dates and also send me another first thing Sunday morning as a reminder and I'll call them for you and email you back with the details - I can even MAKE the reservation for you if you'd like -- unless they want a credit card number to do so.

Have a good weekend, everyone!! Saludos, MadridMan smile

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