Reporting from Cordoba:

While staying at Hostal Maestre, I gave the fellow at the front desk (his name escapes me at the moment) a copy of your email with email address. He said that he thought the days were okay, but would check and then email you. He´s the only person that I saw manning the desk, and the phone seemed to ring constantly. Gave directions, ordered taxis, recommended tabernas, etc. Very popular hotel/hostal.

I was pleased with the room (a double with bath), especially after a disappointing overnight stay at Hostal Plaza d´Ort in Madrid.

If Maestre is full, you might want to check out Hotel Albucasis or Hostal Los Milagros: I stopped in both to look at their patios and ending up taking a peak at the rooms as well. Very nice, and a bit closer to the Mezquita.