Just an update.

Whilst the board was down, I heard via e-mail from both jmcarr and Olga.

The former said she had a response from Hotel Maestre in about a week. I still haven't heard anything and it's now over three weeks since I started trying. I have sent them the booking form from their web site twice and have now tried e-mailing directly with their address (jmcarr passed it on to me), but I have still heard nothing.

If I persuade my husband to ring them up (eek eek eek scary first attempt at Spanish telephone call), what can we expect in the way of a guarantee of a reservation? I like reserving via e-mail as I get a hard copy of their response to take with me, and obviously this wont happen with a phone call.

Olga very kindly did some research on Hostal Lineros, and has reassured me that it seems to be OK. So this will have to be second choice.

But we want to stay at Hotel Maestre really!!


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