Lockdown continues in Aberdeen because of the local outbreak mentioned previously. As a result I am confined to the city unable to head away in my camper van.
I had a walk into the town cente to see what was happening there.

A number of measures have been put in place to help protect members of the public...

Bollards have been put in place to widen some if the pavements

This has been done in some of the shopping areas outwith the town centre. This is in an area called Rosemount

They have marked out parking spaces - in the middle of the road!

This is Aberdeen's principal street - Union Street

It has become partly pedestrianised

I'm not getting stressed out by the lockdown. Sometimes all you need to do is to chill out with a glass of cold wine from the Rías Baixas are of Spain!...

Hope you are all doing well. Stay safe.