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#25756 - 09/06/01 04:40 AM Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid)

I am very fond on NOrthern food. The southern have also some great dishes, but any GAlician, Asturian, Basque, or Castilian will offer you very tasty food.

Like roasted ham, fabada (a stew with beans and sausages and more...), chorizo boiled in cider, partridge, snails, frogs' legs, wonderful fried fish, fish made in casseroles, suckling pig roasted, young lamb cottelettes or leg, steaks, shellfish,..., depending on their homeland specialities.

For roast suckling pig, in Madrid I recommend ANY castilian restaurant (it's a castilian speciality). Just check names containing Segovia (town of the roast suckling pig), asador, or Aranda (a town famous for roasts). With this premises you'll find a lot in Madrid for you to select.

I'll tell you one, not better or worse than the rest, to add a two cent's coin too:
El Segoviano, Ciudad de Barcelona Avenue number 108

#25757 - 09/29/01 04:39 PM Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid)
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Marie, for something different try Spanish health food. There is a small store and cafe around the corner from Hostal Lopez . It's northwesterly I think. They serve 3 course healthfood meals for less than $8.oo. I ate there 4 times on my last trip. Have fun.

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#25758 - 09/29/01 09:16 PM Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid)
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Ouch! I'm quite impressed for the expert opinions that I have seen here. Really interesting. Yoy now more ways to eat cheap in Madrid than myself, and I'm a native :P

Of one thing I'm sure: Follow workers, bussinessmen, locals or even policemen at the lunch hours (from 1 to 3 in the afternoon) and you will never be dissapointed with the food. As Madridman said, we LOVE/ADORE to eat, and to eat good. It is our flaw point wink

There are some fast food restaurants which serve spanish food at a reasonable price: Pan's & Company and Bocatta World (bocadillos), Compañía Nacional de Cañas y Tapas (full of typical spanish food, very well done, but a little expensive maybe) and Telechef (which serves also to take away and carry to your home). Also try VIPS (specially the breakfasts, ESP 300 for two slices of bread with olive oil and tomato).

This is a true story: In Portomarín (Galicia) we were walking by the Camino de Santiago. At lunch time we saw a restaurant beside the road which cross the bridge. We saw that a couple of Guardias Civiles (it is more or less as the FBI) were parked in the restaurant. We then go into the restaurant and we have one of the cheapest and best meals I have had in my whole life.

A steak for ESP 400, a chuletón (half a kilo of meat) for ESP 600 and a churrasco (the best of the best in meat) for ESP 700. Empanada de anguilas, some other galician typical food and all very cheap and tasteful. Great!


#25759 - 09/30/01 04:59 AM Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid)
mick nick Offline

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La Farfella on c/de Santa Maria in Huertas is the place to try.I never saw people queuing to get into a restaurant at 1.30 am before I went there and me and my wife were the only tourists in there.We ate a 3-course meal with wine , beer and water and it came to about 4000pts for the two of us in perhaps the most atmospheric restaurant in the world.
No Pig fans In Town

#25760 - 12/18/01 04:13 PM Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid)
notyor Offline
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MadridMan - this has got to be the best thread I have come across on here so far!
I hope you don't mind me putting it back to the top (I'd hate those who only view topics from the last 10 days to miss out!).

I'll be writing many of these places down for my trip to Madrid in January - any more that can be added in the meantime would be much appreciated!

Where can I get the best Calamares in Madrid? (crispy NOT chewy!)

#25761 - 12/19/01 04:22 PM Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid)
vieve Offline
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I know that it's been a while since this topic was discussed, but I'm new and would like to add my absolute favorite in Madrid... Platero... it's on calle Espoz y Mina... right off of Puerta Del Sol... last year it was 1.000 pts for the menu del dia which was incredible (soup or salad, main dish, desert and wine/water/soda). There are always olives and bread on the table and the place is run by a family... mom does the cooking, dad is the ONLY waiter, and the daughter is sometimes around to help... 'dad' will call you cielo and carino and remember you when you come back a year later... so if you don't mind spending a little extra time chatting and eating olives while you wait, it's DEFINATELY worth it!!!

#25762 - 12/20/01 06:38 PM Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid)
Ed S Offline

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While you may not be looking for food other than Spanish, I can recommend a nice, inexpensive Italian restuarant. Looking for a change of pace last visit, we tried Nabucco at Hortaleza, 108. I came across it in a few travel guides. The pasta was excellent. We had the carbonara and the 4 cheese pasta, both under $10 and incredible. Comes close, even better than some of the dishes I had in Italy. Great pizza too. In fact we will be stopping there again in our next visit this February!

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#25763 - 12/23/01 11:53 AM Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid)
charlost Offline
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Ed s, Nabuco is a good restaurant but in my opinion with a similar cost youll find Don Giovanni, close to Real Theather, a great place to enjoy the italian food.

About spanish food, Casa Botin is excelent. the Guiness book said that is the most antique restaurant in the world (1725)the furnace is over 300 years old eek

#25764 - 02/05/03 01:11 PM Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid)
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Ok, I have to bump this post back up to the top. I now have a long list of places to eat in Madrid.



#25765 - 02/05/03 01:28 PM Re: Cheap Eats - Please help! (Madrid)
Marie Offline
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wow! i am the original poster of this thread, way back in 2000, and i am so pleased to see how it took off. i should have responded after my trip, but allow me to say now that i had an incredible time which i still remember vividly. we did eat very cheaply, and museo del jamon was a staple location. we loved the food and had a great time. my friend did get food poisoning at el brillante, however. he also ordered a sandwich of anchovies and sardines - not a great choice, in my opinion. we also ate at Cafetería Hnos. Santiago, at madridman's suggestion, and it was wonderful (and we were buzzing from the table wine too). i remember that we ended up eating some bad touristy food in toledo, but we weren't looking very hard. all in all i remember a wonderful, exciting vacation. i can't wait to return.
this is a great site and it helped me plan my stay in madrid perfectly. thanks madridman.


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