My wife and I will be in Spain from May 24, 2008 to August 6, 2008, and we are hoping to spend a month or so of our visit with a "host family" in either Madrid or Barcelona. I use the term "family" loosely - just someone who is willing to share their home with us.

We don't just want to be tourists, but want some real local life and culture exposure. However, everything I have found so far is tied to language schools. My Spanish is intermediate and my wife's is excellent / fluent. What we really need to improve our Spanish is not classes, but immersion.

Can anyone recommend a place to contact about such an opportunity? Or is anyone interested in hosting? smile We are prepared to pay room / board and even help with chores, etc. We are both college grads, but missed the chance for an exchange program while in school and are trying to re-create it for ourselves now. Thank you for any help.

Fritz & Jenny