During my last trip to Madrid ( Jan 10-Jan 21) I made arrangements to stay a couple of nights
at the new Hostal Adria Santa Ana. Here are my impressions-

To get to Hostal Adria Santa Ana from the Hostal Adriano is much closer that it would appear from a map. Just duck out the door to left, pick up the Pasaje Alvarez Gato and it is directly across Nuñez del Arce. The door is very non-descript, you use your own key to enter and walk up well worn stairs (Sorry, no elevator) to the 3rd floor.

You enter to the common room. It is red with a checkerboard floor. A large mirror dominates, but the first thing to pop out at you is a laptop on the table for free access to the internet. My room was number 308, (number 8 on the website and the red/white room on the home page) down the carpeted hall past the original artwork and the custom gratings made from old mosaic forms. (Have the staff explain them to you, they are beautiful!)

Upon entering the room you have to leave your card/key in a slot to operate the lights and electricity in your room. This keeps you from leaving with the lights and/or air conditioning on. The room is very large for a hostal with a high ceiling, 2 windows, several large mirrors and more lights than the Adriano. There is a milk glass chandelier and several wall mounted light fixtures. The phone is a red antique reproduction, heavier than most hotel phones. (I get tired of pulling the phone to the floor every time I answer it!) As with the Adriano, there is a refrigerator, a safe (Large enough for a laptop) individually controlled air conditioning, and flat screen TV.

The bed was very substantial and firm, using a down quilt and many pillows. The room was very quiet (it was an interior room) and equipped with the built-in steel shutters that you lower with a strap from inside the room and new double pane glass windows.

The bathroom was normal for a hostal, compact but very well decorated and equipped with a
small tub/shower, wc, hair dryer, exhaust fan and towel warmers.

Overall, I was very impressed and I would recommend it for couples and families. The whole place had the overall excellence in the decor that you would expect from the owners of Hostal Adriano.I was able to sneak a peak at some of the vacant rooms while the doors were open waiting to be cleaned and the triple and quad I saw were very nice.

Congratulations to the staff for a very nice place to stay.