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#92016 - 03/17/13 05:56 PM Cordoba: Hostal Osio in La Juderia near Mezquita
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MadridMan's Official Review of Cordoba's Hostal Osio, located in "La Juderia" and very near "La Mezquita":

My good buddy Dave, from New York, and I went to Cordoba last week, early March 2013, traveling by AVE train. There, we spent a couple nights at the Hostal Osio in "La Judería" - the old Jewish Quarter, just one block east of Cordoba's "La Mezquita" Mosque-Cathedral.

The Hostal Osio:
Hostal Osio Hostal Osio is an old-style, very cute little hostal. Dave and I each had our own room - which turned out to be double rooms. But since we were the only occupants in each were charged the single-room rate at 30 Euros each during the low season until mid-March. Ours were the only two ground-level rooms facing Calle Osio. There's one small, open-air patio and one large one. The large patio has 4 tables and chairs and several plants. On one side of the patio is a sofa and cushy chair with books to read and a chess board. There's also a vending-machine room which sells, amazingly enough, beer & wine and soft drinks. In the same room is a computer-internet terminal and desk. Guests must leave room keys at reception in the tray or on the desk - which isn't always attended - whenever leaving the hostal, whether for a short walk or a day out. When returning, guests ring a doorbell to be allowed in and to get the room key. This may be so that the hostal can monitor who comes and goes. Just outside my room window in the street there are two large recycling bins. Imagine my shock hearing those two bins being wheeled down the cobblestone street at 3:30am the first night, fast asleep, and 11:30pm the next night, when I was still awake, up and back, bumping the heavy bins along the cobblestones. It almost sounded like loud machine-gun fire immediately outside my window. The patio-facing rooms probably don't hear it, though. Dave's room was adjacent to mine and also faced the street, but he didn't hear anything, possibly because his window was further from his bed and that window was further from the recycling bins.

The Rooms:
Dave had room #9 and I had room #8. These two rooms have the three windows immediately left to the Hostal Osio's street entrance. The rooms were spacious enough and very clean. There was the double bed, two night stands, a chair, and a closet with hangers and shelves. The ceilings were cathedral-height, had wood-beams, and a ceiling fan. The decorations are nice and basic. My room had a window in the bathroom and one in the bedroom so natural light and fresh air wasn't a problem. Our rooms both had small, old, bulky 12-inch TVs which were wall-bracket mounted, had 20 channels - of which the first 4 were tarot-card reading programs. The room had an electric kettle, cups, a tea-bag, a packaged muffin and another package of cookies. That was a nice detail. Beds are made and rooms are cleaned daily. Bathroom towels aren't replaced with fresh ones, but that was fine with me.

All of the hostal rooms have private, complete and clean bathrooms. There were two plastic cups for drinking water, a hand-soap dispenser on the sink and a single packet of shower gel on the bathtub soap tray (which was broken). The water tasted good and was fresh. The bathtub-shower was normal size and had a hand-held shower wand. The water was hot both at night and first thing in the morning. Water pressure was strong. Dave's room, #9, had a 3-step UP to the big, interior bathroom. IMPORTANT NOTE: We had just one major "issue" with the hostal and that concerned the bathroom. It's important and should be mentioned. Had I known before making the reservation it would have probably been a "deal-breaker". The Hostal Osio is located in "La Judería", the old Jewish Quarter, and they have plumbing issues. Same goes in Granada's old Jewish quarter, the "Albaicín". The Issue: Next to the toilet is a small placard saying, in 3-languages, that "soiled" toilet tissue must be disposed of in the trash receptacle and not thrown into the toilet itself. So... Ahem... I'm not a "high maintenance" kind of guy and consider myself to be rather flexible with most things, but this was a bit, well... unpleasant, PARTICULARLY if you're sharing the room (which we weren't). Depending on an individual's "constitution", I guess, said trash receptacle holding used toilet tissues might well smell a bit funky upon walking into the bathroom in the morning. But, yes, thank goodness the trash is emptied daily with each room cleaning. (whew! or, "P.U."!)

My double-bed mattress was quite comfortable, but one corner did rock on its "foot" when I shifted my weight. Not a big deal, though. The two bed pillows were somewhat flat so I put one on top of the other and was then fine. Had I been sharing the bed with a friend, though.... On both sides of the bed were floor rugs. The floor itself is tile. While "hostales" tend to be a bit chilly, sometimes turning off the heat at night, this was not the case at Hostal Osio. We had modern radiators which never turned off so the rooms were cozy warm at all times. Our beds had 2 thick blankets plus the bedspread and I was perfectly warm at night. Our rooms had air conditioning, too.

I really liked the Hostal Osio's good location. It's on Calle Osio, 6, a mainly pedestrian, cobblestone street just one block east of the Córdoba Mosque-Cathedral in "La Judería", the old Jewish Quarter, the main part of Córdoba's Old Town. Calle Osio itself is not a through street and is narrow so little-to-no traffic passes through, only those which live along its 130 meters length. I may have heard 2 cars pass through very, very slowly during my evenings/mornings there. No other stores or commercial entities are along it until you reach Calle Alfayatas, walking south towards the river, where I found an old-fashion convenience store on the corner where a middle-aged Spanish man worked. They sold the basics like drinks, snacks and some dry-goods. I guess they were open until 10pm - about when I walked by. Go another 60 meters south on Calle Alfayatas you reach the main southwest-northeast, narrow, one-way and one-lane Calle Cardenal González which parallels the river ("Rio Guadalquivir") and through "La Judería", where there are dozens of restaurants, bars, shops, and other hostales/hotels as well as very light car traffic and much more foot traffic. All these streets, including Calle Alfayatas and Calle Osio, have several street lamps along the way, very well-lighted, and I never felt uneasy or unsafe when walking back alone at night. The hostal is about 20-25 minutes on-foot from the Cordoba train/bus station so we walked. We could've also taken Bus #3 which would've taken about the same amount of time.

Guests have access to free Wi-Fi Internet, but, as explained to me by the receptionist/hostess, the signal only reaches the reception area and those rooms around the (nice) main patio because of the thickness of the walls. Wi-Fi routers are cheap so I'm not sure why there wasn't another access-point on our side of the hostal, though. But I'm guessing they hadn't invested in that for the same reason they hadn't invested in new, modern TVs. While sitting in the larger patio to get a signal, and I did, it was intermittent at best.

Summing Up:
Hostal Osio is and old-style, very comfortable hostal, ever-so-slightly off-the-beaten-track in Córdoba's "La Judería". It's a very good value in the off season at 30 Euros for a single. High season prices are 60 Euros. I'd expect just a bit more for the 60 Euros like better internet connection and better TVs. Had I known about the toilet-paper disposal "issue" before making the reservation, I probably would've looked elsewhere. Dave and I both agreed that would've been a deal-breaker. Some people, I'm sure, could put up with it if traveling alone.

Hope that helps!

Saludos, MadridMan
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#92018 - 03/19/13 10:46 AM Re: Cordoba: Hostal Osio in La Juderia near Mezquita [Re: MadridMan]
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It does like quite pretty, too bad about the bathroom situation. Is it like that all over the oldest parts of Cordoba?

Was the Cathedral impressive? I have thought it would be when you see how all the different religions have adopted, transfigured, etc the different architectural styles.


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