Once again, the Hotel Mora proves a great bargain in a great location. All the rooms from the third floor up have been remodeled in very good taste. We got a corner room (double windows blocking out traffic noise) on the fourth floor, sleeping three for less than 100 euros. The cafeteria downstairs is very convenient for a quick breakfast.

There was a problem when I called to reconfirm the room when we were already in Spain (they don't take credit card reservations). I had reserved three nights and the clerk told me two. We sorted it out when I called back and another clerk confirmed my original reservation. I think that was just a misunderstanding of some sort, although it did cause much unecessary aggravation during the day, as we were concerned we'd have to switch hotels. I would suggest requesting some kind of confirmation via fax before arriving in Spain.
Meridian: A Spain Travel Memoir