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#90908 - 05/07/12 05:28 AM Re: Former US Air Base in Torrejon de Ardoz [Re: Jim Costello]
Rickmadrid Offline
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Loc: Madrid
Driving in from Alcalá I see that one of the restaurants on the strip between the airport and the exit to Torrejon has been demolished. It seems a pity that this row of restaurants dating from the 50s to cater for the needs of US forces personnel stationed at the base, and also giving locals from Torrejon and Alacalá a glimpse into a magical world in a time when Spain was so cut off, should disappear without being well documented.

So I aim to photograph it as it is now, compile as much documentation as I can and especially photographic evidence as well as anecdotes of the area back in its heyday. Night photos would be great as would anything between late 50s and the waning on the popularity of the area as Spain got up to speed in the 80s

As well as this I'm interested in any photographic material re the drive-in cinema in Alameda de Osuna and aim to get the the architectural history of the wonderful 20s style (it can't be that old, I know) gas station on the NII in Torrejon.

I'm not into making any money here, just feel there are memories worth keeping,

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#90909 - 05/07/12 11:09 AM Re: Former US Air Base in Torrejon de Ardoz [Re: Rickmadrid]
gazpacho Offline
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Loc: Macomb, MI U.S.

I remember those restaurants that catered to U.S. military personnel. I could see from the bus going from Torrejon AFB to Madrid. They were on a service drive, if I remember correctly. I only ate at one of these once or twice because I didn't have much money then, and usually settled for a bocadillo de calamares in Madrid, and also, because I didn't have a car.

The last time I made it to Spain, 2002, I was amazed at how much bigger Torrejon has gotten. It must be four or five times larger than when I lived there.

The restaurant that served ribs has been brought up many times on this site.

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#90910 - 05/07/12 02:35 PM Re: Former US Air Base in Torrejon de Ardoz [Re: gazpacho]
pedmar Offline
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nice memories indeed like the rest of the Madrid area, much have change. yes Torrejon de Ardoz has change a lot too. Just keep the memories and share them for the younger generation.

#91255 - 07/02/12 01:17 PM Re: Former US Air Base in Torrejon de Ardoz [Re: Jim Costello]
Jim Costello Offline
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WOW!! This topic has over 10,500 hits, "The United States Air Force base located in Torrejon de Ardoz, Madrid, Spain." The base was operational from about 1953 to 1993 and is now utilized by the Air Force of Spain, the Army of Spain, NATO, and as private airport.

I became interested in the USAF base in Torrejon when my daugher married an officer in the Army of Spain and moved from New York to Madrid. My military experience included being a member of the US Army, NY Air National Guard, Police Department in New York, and the American Legion. During my research I discovered the American Legion has posts in some of the European Countries including one in Madrid, Spain. I also learned that about 200 American military men married Spanish women and live in the Torrejon, Madrid and other areas of Spain.

My wife and I go to Madrid four times a year to visit our family. On each visit to Madrid I look forward to meeting with some of the men who were stational at the USAF base in Torrejon, Madrid, Spain.

Jim or Jaime in Spain

#92210 - 06/20/13 07:22 AM Re: Former US Air Base in Torrejon de Ardoz [Re: Jim Costello]
TJ Legacy Offline
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Here is an interesting article on El Descanso Bombing...more popularly known as The Rib House on base. A friend and I almost stopped and ate there that night after coming back from Sonseca but when we got there the parking lot was so full we decided to go on to Madrid. Coming back there seemed to be 100 Renault 4 Guardia Civils with their lights on coming behind me and I thought I was busted for speeding on the N-II, but they passed me. When we got to the Rib House, it was just unbelievable.

#92225 - 06/23/13 01:56 PM Re: Former US Air Base in Torrejon de Ardoz [Re: TJ Legacy]
MadridMan Offline

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Former members/associates/military personnel of the Torrejón de Ardoz US Air Base also have a Facebook Page, of which I'm a member, at

Saludos, MadridMan
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#93031 - 04/02/14 12:33 PM Re: Former US Air Base in Torrejon de Ardoz [Re: pedmar]
rickmhs64 Offline
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Beisbol in Spain! i lived in madrid & went to madrid hish school from 57-64 (family stayed until 66). dad was assigned to us embassy. i never thought i would read/hear again about the beisbol league in madrid. our team was a group of americans, great guys, terrible ball players. we totally contrasted to the team of military guys from the torrejon air base that also played the year i was played. the military guys beat everyone. we may have won a game or two but our guys were office folks with embassy or other civilian jobs and not in too good of shape (weekend games rough on them). my dad's best friend was gregorio solis, a cuban that arrived in madrid post-castro. gregorio had played minor league ball in the cardinals system and became a fixture in the spanish league, including managing the national team. i ran into him at the european baseball championships in parma italy, 1971 (i was in the army by then). gracias para las memorias!

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