I know there are lots of reviews here regarding the Best Western Carlos V , but the last mention of this hotel is over 2 years ago and I thought I would just add my comments here to anyone who might be interested.

First, it took me forever to decide on which hotel to book for our stay in Madrid. There were just too many choices! I also had the challenge in that we spent our first night in Madrid and our last 4 nights in Madrid, and I wanted to spend them all in the same hotel.

I searched endlessly through this website through all the reveiws and all the recommendations until my head was actually spinning, and I kept coming back to the Carlos V. Reasons? Location, not having to deal with twin beds put together, and breakfast included. When I checked the price, it came out to 140.00 euro, which was way beyond my price range. However, I ran it through Orbitz, and was able to get what I wanted for 112.00 euro, which did fit our budget. I know this is more than most here like to spend, but to each our own.

Our first room, on the second floor, faced the street and I worried a bit about noise but I needn't have worried. Everything quieted down well before midnight. The room was smaller than an American hotel - to be expected - but more than comfy for the two of us. The bathroom, while not spacious, was certainly more than adequate. Lights, air conditioning, TV, and everything else worked as expected. The staff was courteous and helpful and friendly. We had rented a car on Gran Via and weren't certain where to park it to load the luggage the day after we arrived, and the staff were helpful in telling us that the "pedestrian" street isn't such until 11am, when cars and trucks are allowed. Things did get a bit noisy early in the morning when deliveries were made to the surrounding stores and trash pickups were being made, but it was only one morning.

Breakfast was continental, but filling. Good selection of meats and cheeses and juices and cereals and breads. Also, for a very nominal fee, guests can order such things as eggs, sausages, omlettes, etc. We found we got filled with the buffet items easily. The cafe con lech was wonderful!

On our return trip, we were given a room again on the second floor. This time we had an interior room, so we did not have any of the early morning noise at all. The room was about the same size, but because we were in the back of the hotel we felt a little more private. As with the other room, both room and bathroom were very clean.

On our return trip to Madrid we got into the habit of having a cafe con leche each afternoon in the hotel bar, and it was a very comfortable way to relax and unwind. Not many people are here, so one feels as though they are in a living room with sofas and arm chairs to snuggle into and watch the foot traffic below or read a good book or catch up on the news with the newspapers the hotel provides. The staff came to recognize us very quickly, and would bring us our coffee before us having to ask for it. Very nice and felt like being spoiled! We enjoyed breakfast each morning in the hotel, and the staff is attentive.

The hotel does offer help with various tours of Madrid and the surrounding the areas (Segovia, Toledo, etc), and will help you make reservations. There is also a shuttle service through the hotel that we did use, even though I was a little hesitant. It cost 16.00 euro for 2, the van arrived on time, and everything was fine.

I did have a medical problem that needed the attention of a doctor when I arrived in Madrid, and the hotel was terrific in helping us to call a doctor to the hotel. That was appreciated as well. (And, yes, I suppose something all hotels will do but just wanted to add this as it was something I did experience.)

The feeling of the hotel was very pleasant to me. It reminded me of something old fashioned, but with modern amenities. I'm sure I didn't stay in the best hotel in Madrid or the cheapest or the whatever, but we were both very pleased with our selection. I don't think I would have paid the full price (140 euro) on the website, but if you are able to find this hotel at a discount, I would definitely recommend this property if it fits in your budget.

(Sorry for the length - I do get wordy at times!)