We stayed at Villa de Alquezar for one night.

Alquezar is a medieval town, heavily reconstructed from the look of it, with a goodish Colegiata, fabulous view of a river and cliffs, hiking and a lot of places renting wetsuits. It is a pleasant hill-clinging place, with gardens of fava beans, sleeping cats, ancient arches, griffon vultures, and attractive walks. It is about 15 minutes off of N240, the road between Huesca and Lerida. We were using it strictly as a stopping point from Bilbao to the Tarragona area, but it made a good and interesting stopping point. It is clearly working to get lots of tourists--bus parking areas, guided tours of the College, and like I said, reconstructed-looking architecture.

The hotel was 51E for a simple but pleasant double room. There was a room with fantastic view for something like 75E. An ample breakfast and VAT were included. The location was perfect, the room quiet, the parking free, the people pleasant and the breakfast had beautifully ripe kiwis.

Several of the people in the breakfast room were speaking French, and the Collegiata tour guide spoke Spanish and French, but not English.