Hosteria Grau in Barca is a 5 minute walk from the Rambla and Plaza Catalunya. This location was great for me, as Catalunya is a central metro hub with corespondence to many metro lines. I stayed in two different rooms over a 6 day period. The first was a double room with sink (no lav). It cost 43 euros and was nothing special, but reasonably clean and the bed was comfy. The second room was a tiny single, again with sink, that was actually laid out a bit better than the double and therefore preferable for me. It cost 29 euros. I have to say that from the website, I expected the rooms to be a bit nicer than they were. The rooms do not compare with, say, the rennovated rooms at Hostal Adria/Adriano in Madrid.

Hosteria Grau , in general, has a charm to it in its dark decor and twisting inner passages. Moving around is generally tight. They do have a 1st floor open area great for late night gatherings and internet use (1E for an hour), and the large windows from this floor look out over the street....great for people watching. The restaurant/cafe associated with the hosteria was closed at the time of my visit.

The reason anyone going to Barcelona should consider Grau is its staff. Monica, Danny, Kim and others are very helpful. They all speak English well and know the city inside out. The reception is staffed 24/7, so they are there if you need them. Though not extravagant, Grau offers good location, affordability, friendship, and peace of mind. I would definitely recommend Hosteria Grau.

Note: The decor of Hosteria Grau is almost Bavarian, but there is nothing Germanic about this place. "Grau" is a Spanish catholic surname, and the owners are Spaniards.