Hotel Europa on Calle de Carmen

I’m fairly picky about hotels (ex-hotel manager here) and I loved this place and would recommend it to anyone. I paid 57 Euros/night plus 7% tax. (Fyi- I’m surprised such a nice place is going that cheap and expect them to raise their price eventually.)

The first week I had one of the old aka non-renovated rooms for a single traveler. It was very clean, two twin beds pushed together, a big fan (no air), tv with radio (no clock) and a nice size bathroom with soap/shampoo amenities. The view was of the inner courtyard (which you can’t get into to), and the room was very quiet day and night.

The second week I switched to a new aka renovated room with a view of the city. It was also great. The only real difference between the rooms was the new slightly more modern décor, marble bathroom, and the new rooms had air conditioning/heat. The window/balcony door was totally soundproof. If you opened it to enjoy the small balcony, the noise was crazy. (but fun) The second you closed it you didn’t hear a thing.

The staff spoke English and was very nice throughout my stay and I felt very safe coming and going from the area at all times of the day and night. The area surrounding the hotel is almost always crowded, but I enjoyed that.

The cafeteria in the hotel lobby was reasonably priced and a great place to sit and people watch. However, the food was only okay, so after the first two days I only had drinks there. But, there are a lot of other bars, restaurants, etc. within 1 minute walking distance with great food and the same good prices.

The hotel also had a very modern elevator. There are some on-going room renovations going on, but nothing that would distrub the average person at all.

The only things I can think that I ‘missed’ from the hotel were washcloths (typical European hotel so it doesn’t provide them) and bigger bars of soap. The soaps look like they were made for a Barbie doll, lol. So if you like a big bar of soap or a washcloth, take your own. smile

If anyone has any questions, feel free to email.